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Vehicle Inspections In Rydalmere 2116

About Us

Last Check Pty Ltd is the Most Rated & Trusted Vehicle Inspection Company in Australia Based in Rydalmere suburb of Sydney NSW.


Last Check provides the Most Complete Vehicle Inspection 500+ Point Check which inspects all parts of the vehicle to Exceed Customers' Expectations.


Our Fully Qualified Inspectors will find all the Smallest Mechanical Defects, Past Accidents & All Hidden Faults.


We Provide the Exact Same Vehicle Inspection that the Vehicle Manufacturers do which technically checks all parts with no exclusion.


Last Check Reports are accepted across Australia by all Vehicle Manufacturers, Service Centres & Tribunals.

Pre Purchase Car Inspection

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My Best Experience

Thank you for inspecting my car so quickly during this covid lockdown. Your customer service is also impressive, I could not ask for more.The seller gave me a great feedback about your service and professionalism. My special thank to my inspector Andrew and Sephora for sending me such a good report. I recommend you guys to who ever is after a professional pre purchase inspection service - Review Posted By Peter On Monday, Aug 23, 2021.

Review Verified Monday, Aug 23, 2021

100 Star customer service

Best customer service and a well done car inspection. I really did not expect such a thorough report neither i expected receiving 324 pictures. Last check is the best  - Review Posted By Allan B On Friday, Jul 02, 2021.

Review Verified Friday, Jul 02, 2021

Best truck inspectors in the world

Truck inspection like none in the market. Josh knew the MAN prime mover we were interested in very well, he technically checked every single thing in the truck ,gave us his honest opinion and saved us from making a real big mistake by buying an accidental truck with chassis damage. Best truck inspector in the world that for sure Recommend last check truck check to anyone looking for a second hand truck - Review Posted By Allan Sage On Thursday, May 27, 2021.

Review Verified Thursday, May 27, 2021

Can’t thank you enough

I can’t thank you enough last check and Joshua for such amazing and detailed car inspection. If it wasn’t because of you, i would have bought myself a lemon with front and back end crashes. seller said he never had any accident bit Josh proved them wrong and showed the seller his machine. Best experts when buying a secondhand car - Review Posted By Drive Australia On Wednesday, Feb 10, 2021.

Review Verified Wednesday, Feb 10, 2021

full car inspection package,

these guys give you all you need before you buy a car. they don't mess around at all. the inspector pointed out all small little scratches on the body since I told him i was in quarantine and I had another 4 days before I can get out. the car was perfect, just little cosmetics and wear and tear but still I could get some discount on the price from the seller. the pictures they send you with your written report make a real difference. you can but the car remotely without headaches. 246 pictures received with my report. they did the car history check as well which showed the car was under finance, the seller confirmed it only when i confronted him although he wasn't dodgy. nice and thorough report and good attitude inspectors - Review Posted By Jacob On Thursday, Jan 14, 2021.

Review Verified Thursday, Jan 14, 2021

Many thanks

Very honest bunch, they refunded my money without any argument twice since both the sellers sold their vehicles before the inspection. Tayla was very understanding and refunded me each time in less than half hour. Karma works well but, i booked them again to compare another two Mercs for me one in Ashfield and the other in Kellyville. Andrew did both in one day despite the long distance, he finished around 8 pm for me just before Christmas which was super amazing. Without his assistance we didn’t have a ride on holidays which would gave been very bad especially for the kids. I can say this service is platinum, no need to worry about nothing, just leave the inspection to their capable hands. - Review Posted By Leyla On Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021.

Review Verified Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021

Genuine and thorough

I’m glad we came across last check to inspect a second hand Audi A7 2016 for us in Rozelle. The inspector was very good to deal with and picked up a few things such as a chip on the windscreen which I totally missed although I saw the car twice before. The dealer told me the car is ready to pick up but the inspector mentioned a new rear brake pad and disc for both tires and there was an oxygen sensor which needed replacement. The inspector mentioned all problems to the dealer and he willingly did all the fixtures for me without charging any extra. I spent around 300 and on inspection and claimed approximately 1500 and got a solid reassurance to take the car as well. Very wise decision by involving last check crew on this. I could not be happier than this and surely not everyone can be as good Awesome - Review Posted By Mick On Thursday, Jan 07, 2021.

Review Verified Thursday, Jan 07, 2021

Legitimate and friendly car inspection service- 5 star

Very friendly and thorough service. I Booked an inspection online and paid for it, Just before the inspection around 10 am the seller called me and said the car was sold. I informed Last Check immediately and without any hassle or charging me they offered a full refund. I found another car and gave them my info again and they inspected that car for me instead. I was there when Joshua was inspection the car, he showed me what ever he found which were mostly cosmetic and told me that the car was never in an accident therefore it can not be a write off. I bought the Prado on the spot with complete confidence Thank you Joshua and Last Check for such an awesome service I don’t hesitate to recommend you guys to everyone for a complete peace of mind - Review Posted By Larry Campbell On Wednesday, Dec 30, 2020.

Review Verified Wednesday, Dec 30, 2020

Best Car inspection company- very thorough and professional

I did not know last check soon enough unfortunately. The service they give you is better than companies working for over a century. The mechanic called me on the spot and have a chat with me. He told me to buy the car with no delay and answered all of my mechanical questions. Impressive expertise, awesome - Review Posted By Lucy On Thursday, Oct 29, 2020.

Review Verified Thursday, Oct 29, 2020

Premium Car inspection,5 star well deserved

Called last check to get a quote on a 2018 Mercedes Benz G class from Mercedes Parramatta. Mat from last check was sent out in less than an hour and checked the car in front of us. He gave us lots of hints about services and maintaining of that particular model. Exceptionally good service with lots of mechanical knowledge - Review Posted By Tony On Thursday, Sep 10, 2020.

Review Verified Thursday, Sep 10, 2020

Best car inspection in the town

I called them to do two inspections for me on two Range Rover evoques, one in penrith the other one in harris park. Alex did checked them both for me and gave me an honest comparison between them both so that i could decide easier. Moreover he picked my husband and I up from harris park station since i had to use public transport without ant expectations. I will certainly use you in future and recommend you to who ever is buying a new car - Review Posted By Lucy On Wednesday, Aug 05, 2020.

Review Verified Wednesday, Aug 05, 2020

Impressive car inspection like a pro

Mat from last check was very good and caring. It was pouring down in Sydney I ver the weekend when he checked a mercedes cla for us at cronulla. He called us twice on his way ans gave us the eta for 11am when he turned up without delay. I am very picky and this car was for my wife and i wanted someone to check it well since it was a lot of money for us. The car had a bad turbo charger which he found by his mercedes computer scanner. We got a quotation from Sydney mercedes and it turned out to be 6500 for fixing this item. If it wasn’t for him we would have lost this all He checked another one for us on Tuesday, this time at Sydney city toyota used cars. This one was very good, only needed a couple of rear tyres which the dealer fixed for us when he recommended it. We used these guys twice and honestly their service is exceptional. Tayla was very awesome as well, she prioritised our report which came to us just a few hours after the inspection since we were in a rush to take the car on the same day. I recommend you to everyone wanting to buy a second hand car, you guys are awesome - Review Posted By Michael On Thursday, Jul 30, 2020.

Review Verified Thursday, Jul 30, 2020

Very professional and knowledgeable

Called Last Check late afternoon on Friday to check a Rangerover Sport we were looking at in Rozelle. In less than a couple hours Matthew from Last check was with us. He knew all about it like a pro and found a bad transmission solenoid with his computer which the dealer fixed for us free of charge. Money well spent for sure, Don’t go without them - Review Posted By David On Sunday, Jul 26, 2020.

Review Verified Sunday, Jul 26, 2020



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