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About Us

The Sunglass Fix was Founded in Australia in 2006
The Sunglass Fix Operates out of a central Optical Lab in the Northern Rivers region of N. NSW Australia and has been a pionner and global leader in the sunglass replacement lens market since 2006.  All of The Sunglass Fix Lenses are produced and shipped from down under.   With hundreds of thousands of customers across 132 countries our customers are what keep us going. We've helped many customers keep their same frames looking like new for many years now. Regardless of where you live you will struggle to find better quality lenses for your sunglasses and the price makes repairing your sunglasses a far better option than buying a new pair and contributing to crowed landfills around the world.   Our free worldwide shipping for lenses, combined with our award winning products and services, make replacing your lenses a very cost effective way to keep your favorite sunglasses running in top condition for decades, not years.

The Sunglass Fix was founded in 2006. It's focus was to make premium sunglass replacement lenses so customers didn't have to throw away perfectly good frames when they scratched or shattered their sunglass lenses.

Now, In 2020 we carry over 200,000 replacement lens models ready for immediate dispatch for almost every make and model made.  The Sunglass Fix can also custom makes and installs lenses in just about any pair of sunglasses that has two separate lenses that we may not have lenses for on our site.

The Sunglass Fix focuses on environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. Our goal is to create a viable company that employs hard working, dedicated people and provides a wonderful business solution that will help reduce environmental waste while allowing customers to repair their sunglasses instead of throwing them away. It has taken numerous years for the team at The Sunglass Fix to refine their lens technology and streamline their business operations so they can provide what they think will be an industry changing solution for sunglass users.

We certainly hope you like the idea and enjoy using our service as much as so many other of our wonderful customers have.

Craig Anderson - Founder of The Sunglass Fix
The Sunglass Fix Address and Phone Number:
We are located about 10 kilometers north of Byron Bay, the most Easterly part of Australia.

Australia is 1 day ahead of the USA and 5 -7 Hours behind in time depending on daylight savings.

Australia has about 22 million people, about the same population as Southern California, but is about the same size as the continental US.
Address:PO Box 104
Billinudgel NSW 2483
AustraliaPhone Au:1800-SUN-FIX (1800 786-349) +61 260090908Phone USA:Routed to Australia 1pm-11pm PST (530) 562 4800

  • The Sunglass Fix - Eyewear Retailers In Billinudgel
  • The Sunglass Fix - Eyewear Retailers In Billinudgel
  • The Sunglass Fix - Eyewear Retailers In Billinudgel
  • The Sunglass Fix - Eyewear Retailers In Billinudgel
  • The Sunglass Fix - Eyewear Retailers In Billinudgel

The Ultimate Sunglass Lens Experience - Repair don't Replace Your Favorite Sunglasses - Sunglass Replacement Lenses

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Rayban Lenses

After shopping around for weeks to try and find replacement lenses for my Rayban Liteforce I came across The Sunglass Fix who not only stocked them but had them marginally cheaper than every other competitor. Fast forward a few months later I had to replace them because of my clumsiness. Michelle in customer service had them replaced within a matter of days! You just don't get this quality of customer service or warranty support in 2020. They've got a lifetime customer in me! THANKYOU! - Review Posted By Joel H On Friday, Dec 04, 2020.

Review Verified Friday, Dec 04, 2020

Repaired my ray-bans, even after I messed up the order

I ordered the wrong size and these folks were great. They helped figure out what I did wrong and got my the correct lenses. Total cost of my mistake was a couple dollars for return postage; and they advised me how to keep that cost minimal! Love the replacements, thanks. - Review Posted By Gary Palmer On Saturday, Dec 02, 2017.

Review Verified Saturday, Dec 02, 2017

I Love It

My sunglasses initially had a prescription, which gave me a headache every time I wore them. I required custom made lenses. After replacing the lenses with polarising, they are good as new and I wear them all the time! They are especially helpful when I am driving and the sun is glaring in my face. Thank you for your excellent customer service, fast delivery and communication throughout my purchase! I am one happy customer! - Review Posted By Mel On Saturday, Dec 02, 2017.

Review Verified Saturday, Dec 02, 2017

The SunGlass Fix

I normally don't write reviews but thought it was appropriate for what these people did to accomidate me. I had ordered lenses for a pair of glasses that were at least 5-6 years old (was amazed they had lenses at all for them) and they were sent out. After several weeks I still had not received them so a quick email was all that was needed. They said they had sent them out and I should have received them already but sent out a new pair immediately with the verbal promise to simply return the first pair if they ever showed up in my mail box. I got the new lenses, they were a perfect fit and still have not received the first pair but will send them back if they ever do arrive. Thanks for the great service. - Review Posted By Jeff On Saturday, Dec 02, 2017.

Review Verified Saturday, Dec 02, 2017

The SunGlass Fix

I honestly didn't think that the replacement lenses would be of the same quality as the original Ray-Ban RB 4166 lenses. I cheated and just replaced the scratched lense and looked out towards the sun. WOW! Sunglassfix really do offer similar and superior quality. The delivery time estimate was bang on target as well. Now all I need is a right ear arm for my very old RB 4052 set knowing I can replace the lenses when I need to. Big thumbs up for sunglassfix !! - Review Posted By Chris On Saturday, Dec 02, 2017.

Review Verified Saturday, Dec 02, 2017

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