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Pure Local is great for small and large business alike. It features a transparent and easy to navigate list of businesses complete with full descriptions, addresses, phone numbers, website links, emails, logos, etc. Pure Local also has options for user reviews, sharing on social media and blog posts.

Year Founded : 2012Fulltime Employees : 11Active Clients: 3000+Client Retention Rate : 88%Revenue : $3 million - $5 millionPricing : Mid-level prices for the average marketerPrimary Services : Social Engagement , Google SEO , Australian MarketingMajor Clients : Dominoes Pizza , Kip McGrath Education

PureLocal business listings are professionally displayed and are not obscured by 3rd party advertising.

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PureLocal Australia is a Satisfied Customers Program (SCP) member. Positive reviews , complaints and testimonials will be published on the business directory following authentification (NSW164911). Please do not review 'PureLocal Australia' if you've received a reward or if you are associated with the owner of this business.

PureLocal Directory members who receive an unfavourable review are given the opportunity to respond to the customer before it is published. We know that slanderous and unfounded reviews are common place on the web so we have allowed "PureLocal Australia" the tools to arbitrate and contact the customer in order to resolve outstanding complaints or disputes. We have found that this achieves a far better outcome for both the reviewed business and their customer in the longterm. Fake endorsements , illegal and/or defamatory content is not published.

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No need to pay more with PureLocal listings

i joined up to PureLocal's $5 per month plan , I don't see the point in paying more when the enterprise plan costs alot more and you don't get much more out of it unless you want to list thousands of products or other. My advice would be to go with the $5 per month plan and save your cash. - Review Posted By RobertR On Thursday, Mar 02, 2017.

Review Verified Thursday, Mar 02, 2017

Outstanding Experience!

Outstanding Experience! - Review Posted By Jubilee Pools On Saturday, Feb 04, 2017.

Review Verified Saturday, Feb 04, 2017

Just fantastic.

Would highly recommend everyone to use this directory. Thanks for being so responsive. - Review Posted By JayQ123 On Saturday, Feb 04, 2017.

Review Verified Saturday, Feb 04, 2017

Effective and well priced

Well priced and user friendly. - Review Posted By Time Out Pet Care On Wednesday, Jan 04, 2017.

Review Verified Wednesday, Jan 04, 2017


really happy with my listing how it looks and reads, great work pure local. thanks scott - Review Posted By male to male encounters On Monday, Jan 02, 2017.

Review Verified Monday, Jan 02, 2017

Cheap but effective

PureLocal helped our business , got us some social activity...Which is leading to a few more sales , cost us $15 dollars a few months ago lthough they may have put their price up since. It's very affordable given what they offer , review 5/5 - Review Posted By Brian On Thursday, Dec 29, 2016.

Review Verified Thursday, Dec 29, 2016