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76 Hume Hwy,Lansvale,New South Wales,2166,Australia

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  • 76 Hume Hwy
    Lansvale 2166
    New South Wales

About Us

Family owned and run kombucha brewery in Sydney, Australia.

Specialising in botanical kombucha beverages brewed with traditional methods.

Brewing, manufacture & supply across Australia.

Kegs for on tap kombucha and 330ml bottle supply.

Private labeling & bulk quantities available.

Over 25 flavour varieties in our keg range

We use all REAL, NATURAL, RAW ingredients.

NO essences, NO extracts. This ensures we capture all the health benefits as well the full bodied flavours.

Real handcrafted kombucha brew - We put the art in craft!!

visit us at: www.kombuchame.com.au

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Authentic Australian botanical kombucha

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Kombucha Me

If you require more information please phone 0424853380 or visit our website. All profile related content remains the sole property of Kombucha Me.

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