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Aquariums & Fish Tanks In Sydney

Micro Aquatic Shop - Aquariums & Fish Tanks In Sydney

About Us

We are an established online shop based in Sydney Australia which was founded by Hoang Nguyen. We cater to the rest of Australia in all of our online transactions. 

We are building one-stop-shop online supplies in Australia to be available for orders and easy check-out options to make transactions run smoothly and hassle free. After the purchase, shipping options are in place to get buyers the best option that works. We are happy to have in stock aquariums of different sizes, fancy guppies ,aquarium shrimps, aquarium algae eaters and aquarium snails.

We also offer an array of aquascaping supplies like aquarium decorations, aquarium accessories,fish food, driftwood, java moss, and nutrients that are essential to aquascaping. The shop also offers aquatic plants like Bucephalandra , aquatic moss, and different species of aquatic plants. Along with that are our Bonsai plant options which are very much in demand nowadays.

Every now and then, we offer different saver bundles to provide exciting discounts to our customers and make sure that a purchase is something worth the pay. The site also includes different guides to new and established fish tank owners through our blog contents that can help even those that do not have any aquaculture knowledge.

  • Micro Aquatic Shop - Aquariums & Fish Tanks In Sydney
  • Micro Aquatic Shop - Aquariums & Fish Tanks In Sydney
  • Micro Aquatic Shop - Aquariums & Fish Tanks In Sydney

Micro Aquatic Shop

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Avoid this place like the plague

Ordered live products online which took two weeks to arrive on the Gold Coast QLD. Phoenix moss which was advertised at being a 5cm x 5 cm portion was lucky to be 2cm x 2cm and was full of parasites. I’ve been trying for weeks to get a resolution. Numerous messages sent to the Facebook messenger site and customer service email with little to no response. Complete radio silence since I advised I wanted a refund. Phone calls are unanswered or go straight to message bank. Next step is initiating a claim through ACCC. The customer service really is terrible, could have been resolved easily however they just don’t seem to care once they have the $$. I would NOT recommend purchasing from this shop under any circumstances. - Review Posted By Meredith On Friday, Oct 21, 2022.

Review Verified Friday, Oct 21, 2022

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