Meditation in Queensland

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Pilates in Cleveland , Queensland. At New Dawn Pilates and Yoga Cleveland, we work with Men, Women, and Children of all ages who are committed to being their best version of themselves! Self-care starts here Often our daily lifestyle is the cause of discomfort as we either sit, drive or stand for long periods of time or consistently bend over and lift heavy weights. At New Dawn Pilates and Yoga Cleveland, our ethos is first and foremost “Self Care”.
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Pilates in Russell Island , Queensland. Want a complete Mind and Body workout you can do at home and get results? Try Kevala Health virtual online Yoga, Pilates, and Fitness classes you can do at home. Any age and levels. Great for over 50 males and females. Or Jodie can come to you and create a personalized health and fitness program. Jodie teaches inside her home studio to outside new locations around Australia.