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SPERWAY HOMES: The trusted name in custom built luxury homes.

Putting your trust in Sperway Homes guarantees your new luxury home will be built on time and on budget with quality materials by talented qualified tradespeople.

Sperway Homes is proudly associated with Extension Builders Australia Group in both Melbourne and Sydney. Extension Builders Australia Group incorporates Sperway Homes, Extension Factory, Sydney Extension and Designs, Engtruss (Truss and Frame Manufacturer), Commercial and Industry Property Division and Product Import Division.

We have acquired a formidable reputation over the last 35 years as a highly respected building company. We started out in renovations, extensions and home improvements including knockdown rebuilds and total makeovers. We have designed and built thousands of projects including custom homes, dual occupancy, townhouses, units and office buildings.

Custom Built Luxury Homes

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Poor quality homes

Over the past 5 years since construction, most of the 14 townhouses at ‘Sperway Manors’ have had many issues, which have soured the whole experience, especially as the townhouses were advertised as having “style, quality, and luxury”.  Poor workmanship, shoddy finishes and fixes, and a lack of attention to detail in properly finishing have been seen on most units. Many shortcuts were taken, sacrificing quality for speed. Cheap and nasty building materials/installation were often used externally (painting, garden, pathways, fences, roofs, driveways). Specifications were not followed in many cases. Most of us have had serious rain water leaks (caused by damaged or poorly installed decking roofs and roof flashings), causing extensive damage to drywalls, architraves, ceilings, carpets, and paintwork. There has been external painting peeling off revealing raw wood, exterior architectural mouldings moving apart leaving gaps, and in some instances lifting off. - Review Posted By Trevor Geisler On Monday, Aug 29, 2022.

Review Verified Monday, Aug 29, 2022

If you want a leaky house buy a Sperway

Unfortunately a rating of one - because it does not allow me to go any lower!!!! Q. Would you be happy with a house that constantly leaked internally in three different spots over 2 and half years? That's right 30 months!!! Im not kidding - even when conducting my final inspection I noticed some bubbles in the cornice that was rectified prior to settlement. But that should have been a warning!! Soon after these bubbles in the plaster re-appeared, typically after heavy rains, and Sperway would come out and fix. Then they would reappear again and in different spots, and Sperway would come out again and fix. Then another heavy rain and groundhog day once again, over and over and over and over and over. Now after thirty different occasion (not kidding - I have records), and Sperway maintenance guys out here at least a dozen times - Im fed up!!!!! And you know what really adds to my anger - not once has any senior manager or the owners followed up with me how the house is going considering the amount I paid for this "duluxe" home, which I did not realise had internal water features when I purchased - cant remember seeing that on the brochure or the estate agent telling me!!!!! And this is not the only apartment here in the great Sperway Manors - there have been several apartments here with this experience, and the one opposite me is still having similar trouble. And who knows the damage it is doing internally to the wood, wiring and general structure!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!! And as a "funny side storey" on one occasion, one of the many different roof plumbers that have been here to investigate, he actually apologised to me for the condition of the roof!!!! Well Im just heading back downstairs to empty out the buckets and change the towels over off the floor. - Review Posted By Brett Collins On Saturday, Apr 04, 2020.

Review Verified Saturday, Apr 04, 2020

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