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Tide Counselling provide general, marriage and relationship counselling services throughout Melbourne and offer individuals or couples with advice in straightening their day to day life. We are passionate with assisting people to find the best way to flourish and foster positive relationships with the people around them. We work closely with our clients to work through their concerns whilst also providing a safe place to explore issues on a much more deeper level.

Is Your Relationship Suffering?

  • Do you keep having the same problems arising?
  • Are you constantly arguing but nothing seems to get resolved?
  • Do small disagreements escalate and become bigger problems?
  • Are you worried about your relationship heading towards separation or a divorce?
All relationships have their ups and downs and all roads leading to a healthy relationship can be bumpy at times. If your relationship seems stuck in a negative phase that you can't seem to get out of, relationship or couples counselling can help you overcome this. We at Tide can step in and help you to:

  • Understand each other's conflicts and help you communicate in a better way
  • Deepen the connection of one another
  • Communicate better so that you can hear both sides of the argument
  • Discover new ways of connecting with each other and how to deal with your own distress / anxiety
If you want to achieve success in your relationship, then seeing us as your marriage and couples counsellor may be the solution.

Please contact me today on 0417 169 653 or email me at to book your appointment.

  • Tide Counselling Counselling & Mental Health Photo
  • Tide Counselling Counselling & Mental Health Photo
  • Tide Counselling Counselling & Mental Health Photo

Relationship Counselling Services in Melbourne

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If you require more information please phone 0417169653 or visit our website. All profile related content remains the sole property of Tide Counselling.

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What You Need To Know About Relationship Counselling

What You Need To Know About Relationship Counselling

Many couples want to know if they actually need relationship counselling. I am often asked if there are specific warning signs to look for, that show a couple is ready. Reaching out to a counsellor is not always easy, so people may assume they should try other resources first.I provide relationship counselling in Melbourne. I understand that admitting you need help as a couple can be challenging. Marriages and long-term relationships are supposed to be positive experiences. Some people even believe that true love should be effortless – if....Read Full Article