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Flower Bros is an online florist offering premium flowers in a simple, fast and hassle free way. Premium flowers, no bullsh!t.

A simple way to buy incredible blooms for amazing people.

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Not what we ordered and terrible customer service

We had an awful experience with Flower Bros. $150 bunch delivered that looked nothing like what we picked online and the flowers were old/damaged, almost like they were just trying to use up expiring stock. We hoped to resolve this with them because the flowers were so different from what we ordered we thought at first there was a mix up and sent two emails with photos which they ignored. We then called twice hoping for a mutually beneficial solution, both times he was disrespectful and rude, cutting us off and speaking over the top of us, abrupt and highly unprofessional. At one point we were told we must have kept the roses beside a heater (they were delivered to an office address around midday and one of the photos showing damage on the roses is timestamped an hour later), there was no heater in the office. I’ve never had an experience with a business like it. I asked several times if he could please remain calm and professional but was unable to reason with him. I’ve since seen reviews where customers have had the exact same experience. At one point he said “well what do you want then” and I suggested a refund. We were offered a refund of $40 because that meant he would “break even” but we won’t be taking it and will escalate this with the ACCC. While I can see that they have produced nice bunches in other cases, we unfortunately did not have this experience and based on their customer service when faced with issues, I would highly recommend avoiding this business. This could have been easily resolved and we know mistakes happen, but we were treated horrifically and they’re not worth the risk. - Review Posted By Alana On Saturday, Aug 03, 2019.

Review Verified Saturday, Aug 03, 2019

Don’t order from here!!

I ordered flowers to be sent for my friends birthday. She sends me a photo and they are not even remotely the same as what I ordered. I sent a complaint to the owner and he replies calling me a “tripper” saying that I have obviously never ordered flowers online before because they are never the same as advertised. In the bunch I recieved there was not one flower the same as the one I ordered. This is a horrible place to order from and not only do that not have good flowers but the customer service is even worse - Review Posted By Bianca On Saturday, Apr 27, 2019.

Review Verified Saturday, Apr 27, 2019


DO NOT BUY FROM HERE! - Review Posted By kaleigh Kingstone On Wednesday, Feb 06, 2019.

Review Verified Wednesday, Feb 06, 2019