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Seeking the most gentle and honorable way to pay tribute to your beloved companion?

Pet Aftercare now presents Water Cremation, a profoundly compassionate and dignified alternative. This method, based on water immersion, emulates the natural process of decomposition, allowing pet parents to find solace in the knowledge that they will receive a greater portion—approximately 20-30% more—of their cherished pet's remains.

In addition to its gentleness, Water Cremation stands as a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for Pet Aftercare. Unlike traditional flame cremation, it does not rely on fossil fuels or emit harmful greenhouse gases. Consider this: a typical flame cremation for an average-sized dog can release up to 45 kilograms of CO2.

We understand that contemplating these matters can be challenging. As devoted Pet Parents, it is something we must carefully consider. The weight of last-minute decisions can become even more burdensome amidst heightened emotions and grief. Preparing in advance, however, may offer some comfort, knowing that you have thoroughly explored all available options and possess the information needed to make the best decision for both you and your beloved companion.

Blue Leaf Water Cremation, a family-owned and operated establishment in Perth, is here for you. From the moment your pet is entrusted to our care until they are tenderly returned into your embrace, they will be treated as one of our own, ensuring the utmost respect and compassion throughout the entire process.

  • Blue Leaf Water Cremation - Pet Funerals In Success
  • Blue Leaf Water Cremation - Pet Funerals In Success
  • Blue Leaf Water Cremation - Pet Funerals In Success

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