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CloseVarsity Cannington
Pubs & Bars in Western Australia. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. Want to know what to order for dinner tonight? Thinking about what drinks you’ll order at the bar? Hoping that your team will be on the big screen? Or even if you want to know when the next big party is on, we’ve got all the answers right here.
CloseDon Vassie Decanters
Pubs & Bars in Australian Capital Territory. Don Vassie: Elevating Your Whiskey Experience. Discover the essence of sophistication with Don Vassie, where each element is meticulously crafted to embody superior quality and impart joyful moments to you and your loved ones. The name "Don" (Spanish for superior) and "Vassie" (French for cheerful) encapsulate our commitment to delivering unparalleled excellence. At Don Vassie, we proudly showcase a distinctive and expansive collection of luxury liquor gift sets.
CloseAmphlett House
Pubs & Bars in Victoria , Australia. Nestled in the pulsating core of Melbourne's renowned restaurant and theatre district, Amphlett House stands as a beacon for those in search of an uplifting gathering spot. This isn't just another establishment; it's a spirited sanctuary where every guest is invited to come together over unpretentious, sincere food and an eclectic array of vibrant drinks flowing fresh from the tap.
CloseCumberland Hotel - The Cumby
Pubs & Bars in South Australia. The Cumberland Hotel has played a strong community roll on the Port River during South Australia's formative years continuing through to the present. The Cumby, as she is known to locals, was originally built at the edge of the Port Rivers swamp-front back in the day. As time rolled towards the 20th century, the Port grew, land was reclaimed to build the existing harbour and the pub now stands on terrafirma, situated directly across from Glanville train station.
CloseBath Hotel
Pubs & Bars in South Australia. The Bath Hotel was designed by Thomas English and built in 1881 on the corner of the Parade and Queen Street, Norwood. The original Bath Hotel had been built in 1856, slightly further east of this building. However a fire in 1876 saw the Bath rebuilt in its present location. Nowadays the bath hotel is a thriving local hotel, meeting point for both locals and visitors to the area. Offering great food, wine and live entertainment.
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